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Things to Research Before Starting a Roof Replacement


Planning is a crucial step for roof replacement or repair. Correcting installation mistakes that could have been avoided by proper planning will cost a lot in terms of time, money and resources. Here are some things you should research and plan before starting on a roofing project.

Things to Research Before Starting a Roof ReplacementRoofing Material

If you are planning on switching to a different roofing material, take the time to research the properties of each one. Pay particular attention to the weight. The existing roof structure may need to be reinforced to accommodate heavy roofing materials, such as slate or tile. Also, consider how some roofing materials can mimic other types. For example, in addition to the standard standing seam profile, metal roofing is available in stone-coated options, which mimic the look and texture of tile, without the added weight.

Roof Lifecycle Costs

The roof lifecycle cost is basically what you spend for your roof throughout its lifecycle: installation, repairs and maintenance. Different roofing systems have different lifespans. Roofs with longer lifespans generally have higher upfront costs, but when you divide this cost against the number of years in its expected service life, you get a lower roof lifecycle cost. Roofing contractors can help you perform cost analysis on more than one roofing option, so you can choose which one is best for you.

Roofing Structure

The roofing structure, particularly the roof slope, is a major consideration when choosing replacement roofing options. The existing roofing structure can limit the kind of materials that can be installed on it. However, if the roof structure is up for rebuilding, take it as an opportunity to address things that your current roof may be lacking. A steeper slope can show off more of the roof from the curb, which could boost curb appeal. You can also add features that would allow for future expansion, perhaps a Mansard-style roof that can be converted to a spacious attic bedroom.

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